The Wolverine (2013 Film) Review

The Wolverine 2013 Movie poster

I’ve been a fan of the X-Men films since the original back in 2000. Thirteen years later we now have the latest movie featuring Wolverine. While the Origins movie was about Logan’s past, this one is about his future after the events of The Last Stand.

Yukio The Wolverine 2013 Movie

The plot starts with Logan living as a hermit in Yukon, Canada. He is tormented by the loss of his beloved Jean Grey, and with Professor Xavier’s death he no longer stays at the Xavier Institute school. Despite being isolated, he is found by woman named Yukio who requests that he travel to Japan with her.

Logan The Wolverine 2013 Movie

He learns that she’s been sent by a man named Yashida who met Logan during World War II when (thanks to Logan’s mutant abilities) he saved his life in Nagasaki. In gratitude, Yashida offers Logan a chance to become mortal (as he heals too fast and never ages) and live a normal peaceful life. He refuses and Yashida passes away shortly afterwards. During his funeral, his grand-daughter is almost captured by Yakuza thugs and the Wolverine (Logan) returns from super-hero retirement to save her.

Hugh Jackman The Wolverine 2013 Movie

Overall I really enjoyed The Wolverine film. It focuses more on what makes Logan awesome, and doesn’t ruin some of the heroes or villains like some previous movies did. My favorite of the series is First Class but The Wolverine is about par to the first two films.

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