X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009 Film) Review

X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie poster

I had originally ignored X-Men Origins: Wolverine back in 2009, but I heard the newest movie The Wolverine was a lot better. The film is about Logan’s early life and how he became Wolverine, and I figured I might as well see his origins tale.

Major William Stryker X-Men Origins: Wolverine

It starts out in 19th century Canada where a boy named James Howlett discovers he’s a mutant after a family tragedy. Unwanted in his town he flees with his half-brother Victor who also shares his special abilities. The two brothers eventually learn that they are nearly immortal, and spend a century fighting many famous wars. During their service in Vietnam, Victor lands them both in trouble. Major William Stryker offers them freedom if they join his special team of soldiers who all happen to be mutants with extraordinary abilities.

Logan vs Deadpool X-Men Origins: Wolverine

They join the team, but James (who will adopt the name Logan) leaves after he can no longer put up with the horrible missions. His brother is furious, but nobody stops him as he flees to a normal life in Canada. He lives peacefully for years, but his brother Victor murders his girlfriend Kayla for his desertion. Logan is informed that old members of the team were also defeated by Victor, and is given a chance to bond with a strong new metal to gain the edge against his evil half-brother.

Hugh Jackman X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Overall Origins: Wolverine was a little bit better than I expected. Hugh Jackman’s performance as Wolverine is top-notch, and there is a decent story taken from its comic book origins. Though everything else is a bit cheesy, the special effects are often laughable, and the final battle ruined one of Marvel’s best characters. It’s far from the worst Marvel film, but it’s a joke compared to the original film or First Class.

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