Things I Like: Batman Returns (1992 Film)

Batman Returns movie poster Michael Keaton Danny DeVito Michelle Pfeiffer

While it wasn’t as good as the 2nd film, I still enjoy watching it every couple of years.

Christopher Walken Batman Returns movie

It also shed a little more light on the people of Gotham, and more about Bruce Wayne the person.

Penguin and Catwoman Batman Returns movie

Penguin and Catwoman were decent villains.

Michael Keaton Batman Returns movie

It was a shame that this was the last really good Batman film for a LONG time. Batman Forever was okay, but after that was junk until Batman Begins.

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One thought on “Things I Like: Batman Returns (1992 Film)

  1. Yes, I definitely agree. And I do the same thing of pulling out Mission Impossible, Batman, Harry Potter and few other goodies from back in the day. Hope you’re doing well. Hugs, RO


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