Green Lantern (2011 Film) Review

Green lantern movie poster

Outside of Batman and Superman, my favorite lesser-known superhero of the Justice League had always been the Green Lantern. However back in 2011, I didn’t pay much attention to the Green Lantern film when it arrived in theaters. I later heard it wasn’t that great, but I thought I would eventually give it a try.

Hal Jordan Green lantern movie

The film starts out with Hal Jordan, who is a talented pilot. Though his reckless actions while flying cause his career to hit a low-point. Though out of the blue he is almost magically transported to the spot of an alien spacecraft. In it he meets the dying alien Abin Sur, who informs Jordan that his ring “chose” him.

Ryan Reynolds Green lantern movie

He finds out that the ring makes him a member of the Green Lantern Corps, which protect the universe from evil. The ring gives him super-powers only limited by his will-power and imagination. However he joins the Green Lanterns in a time of crisis. A mighty villain called Parallax is causing havoc in the universe, and can defeat many Green Lanterns with ease. Unfortunately for Hal Jordan, Parallax is headed straight for Earth.

Ryan Reynolds hal Jordan Green lantern movie

Overall, Green Lantern was a much better film than I expected. Ryan Reynolds didn’t play a perfect Hal Jordan, but I thought Blake Lively did a great job at Hal Jordan’s love interest Carol Ferris. Though the film is far from perfect, and my biggest complaint is that Parallax is a rather lame super-villain.

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