Things I Like: The Adam Project (2022 Film)

My wife recommended we watch The Adam Project the other day. I thought it was a TV show for some reason, not a new movie starring Ryan Reynolds for Netflix. His movies are usually pretty fun. Ryan Reynolds plays Adam Reed, an Air Force pilot from the future whose plane is capable of time travel….

Things I Like: Free Guy (2021 Film)

I had somewhat ignored Free Guy when it came out in theaters. Recently my wife and I watched it on HBO Max and I also hear it’s available on Disney+. Ryan Reynolds plays a NPC in a video game called Free City, which is an obvious parody of a game like Fortnite. He plays his…

Things I Hate: Adventureland (2009 Film)

I saw a copy available at my local library about a decade ago, and thought I’d check it out, and I was really disappointed. I thought it would be more of a comedy. The sum of the story is like this; weird kid can’t rely on his parent’s money no more, gets a job at…

Red Notice (2021 Film) Review

I had heard of Red Notice not terribly long ago. Netflix apparently poured a ton of cash into getting this movie made. The obvious draw to the movie are its stars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Gal “Wonder Woman” Gadot, and Ryan “Green Lantern” Reynolds. And I’m sure if Ryan Reynolds read what I just wrote,…

Green Lantern (2011 Film) Review

Outside of Batman and Superman, my favorite lesser-known superhero of the Justice League had always been the Green Lantern. However back in 2011, I didn’t pay much attention to the Green Lantern film when it arrived in theaters. I later heard it wasn’t that great, but I thought I would eventually give it a try….