Cinderella (2015 Film) Review

Cinderella 2015 movie poster

Cinderella is a tale older than a lot of present-day countries. It has many versions but most remember Disney’s animated film from 1950. Even that movie is rather old, so now Disney has decided to make another movie but without the cartoons.

Lily James Cinderella 2015 movie

If you’ve seen or heard any tale of Cinderella you know the main story. Her mother passes away, and she becomes rather sad. Years later her father marries a new woman. Her new step-mother turns Cinderella into her servant soon after her father passes away. Though, despite her hard-ships in life, she tries to stay kind and sweet.

Richard madden Cinderella 2015 movie

One day she rides out into the forest, and bumps into a man named Kit. He tells her that he is an apprentice, and they depart without her giving him her name. Except Kit is really a prince, and he fell in love with Cinderella at first sight. He’s allowed the common people to attend a royal party in the hopes of seeing his love again.

Cinderella and kit blue dress Cinderella 2015 movie

At times, I admit that this new take on Cinderella is somewhat deja vu. Though I do like some of the changes, and I really liked that they made Prince Charming more than some handsome prince with no personality. Though it’s hard to hate this timeless story of optimism and battles against injustice.

Score: A-

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