Rad Racer (NES) Review

Rad Racer NES Boxart

Despite being in Nintendo’s “Sport Series’ this title was not made by Nintendo themselves. It was actually a pure creation of Squaresoft, the folks behind Final Fantasy. Was their racing game as fantastic as their RPGs? No, not even close, and I’m not even a Final Fantasy fan.

Rad Racer NES

Rad Racer today is no more than a bare bones racing game with awful graphics, but a decent sense of speed. You go from course to course trying to get to the goal before the timer runs out. Once you get to a check point, your timer refills.

Rad Racer Nintendo entertainment system

Not like any of that matters since if you run off the track once, or hit another car you might as well reset your NES. The time limit is unforgiving and demands near-perfection. I know it ages harshly for being in an era where games lacked quality due to technical reasons, but I hope any fans out there don’t take too much offense to my brutal score.

Score: 3 out of 10

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