Hotel Transylvania (2012 Film) Review

Hotel Transylvania movie poster

I don’t exactly remember hearing about Hotel Transylvania when it came out in theaters in 2012. I heard it was a fairly decent film, and my nephews seemed to have a positive opinion of it as well. I suppose it was inevitable that I would watch it.

Count Dracula Hotel Transylvania movie

The story starts with Dracula and his newborn daughter Mavis. His wife was tragically killed by paranoid humans, so the legendary vampire builds a castle with spooky surroundings that would scare away any normal person. The castle also serves as a hotel for other monsters who visit mainly because it is completely free of humans.

Jonathan Hotel Transylvania movie

However a rather strange young man named Jonathan stumbles into the hotel and Dracula sees him before anyone notices. Not sure what to do, Dracula disguises Jonathan as a Frankenstein until he can figure out a plan. Despite being terrified of Dracula and the monsters in the castle, Jonathan follows Dracula’s orders. However both the Count and the human won’t have a clue what to do when they realize that Dracula’s daughter Mavis has feelings for Jonathan.

Jonathan and Mavis Hotel Transylvania movie

Overall Hotel Transylvania was about as good as I expected it to be. Not Pixar quality but a enjoyable comedy with a predictable plot. While the story seems to move quite slow, I did feel that the ending made up for it. Though I find it odd that the character Mavis had such a high opinion of Jonathan, as I ironically found him to be rather obnoxious for the most of the story.

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