Merlin (TV Series) Season 5 Review

Merlin TV Series Season 5 poster

I have been watching a lot of Merlin recently. So much so that I finished all five seasons in a very short span of time. It features a younger cast of characters than what is usually in Arthurian legend, similar to that of what Smallville did with the Superman comics. What did I think of the last season?

Merlin and King Arthur in the snow Merlin TV Series Season 5

The story begins with some gap in time after Morgana’s last defeat. Merlin still keeps his magical powers secret from Arthur, and more importantly from Morgana. If she knew he was the Emrys that was predicted to be her doom, it wouldn’t be good. Merlin gets even more nervous when Mordred appears all grown-up. Even though he is praised by Arthur, Merlin is dubious of his motives.

Evil hot Morgana Merlin TV Series Season 5

Morgana is still hard at work plotting against her royal half-brother. She’s bonded with the dragon that Merlin helped hatch from its egg, and will use it to aid her quest of evil. She makes more allies to take down Camelot, but she’ll use her dark magic to take the kingdom down from the inside as well.

King Arthur knights Mordred Merlin TV Series Season 5

Overall the final season was a bit of praise and disappointment. The show has always been very likable, but there’s a lot of stupid side-stories and deja vu. I liked the final battle a lot except the lameness of the fight between Arthur and his mortal enemy. It’s a good season, but a lot of it just makes me want to go back in time and advise the writers of the story to avoid some mistakes.

Score: B

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