Merlin (TV Series) Season 2 Review

Merlin TV Series Season 2 poster

Merlin was a TV series I had heard was good, and I was impressed by the first season. I was surprised by how quickly I got through the second season of it.

Merlin TV Series Season 2

The second season doesn’t leave off far after the first. Merlin is starting to learn more powers as a wizard, but may be forced to request help from The Great Dragon even though their friendship was broken. King Uther Pendragon’s anti-magic stance still remains, so Merlin must remain the “simple servant” until Arthur becomes King.

Morgause Merlin TV Series Season 2

Things won’t be easy for Merlin or Arthur though. Arthur begins to fall in love with Guinevere, despite knowing his father will never let him marry a servant. Arthur is challenged by the mysterious Morgause, who is a skilled warrior and seems to know some dark magic. The Lady Morgana starts to learn of her natural magic powers, and her daughter-like love for Uther will start to crumble.

King Uther Prince Arthur And Morgana Merlin TV Series Season 2

I actually liked the second season a little better than the first. Characters start to grow a little, and the stories are a little more exciting. Though I found it weird when one particular character starts to be evil for no particular reason. I also really liked the moment where Merlin meets the last Dragonlord.

Score: B+

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