Astral Chain (Nintendo Switch) Review

Astral chain Nintendo Switch boxart

Astral Chain was a small hit on the Nintendo Switch awhile back. I had heard about it and I knew I would eventually acquire a copy. Target had a good sale earlier this year and I started playing. But how did I like the final product?

Olive Espinosa Astral Chain Nintendo Switch

The game is set in a world where mankind is nearly extinct. The Earth mainly has life on just one tiny section of the planet left. The last city is ironically pretty high tech. And you play a police officer who is destined to do more than just catch petty criminals.

Solving cases Astral Chain Nintendo Switch

There are still threats from evil creatures from other dimensions. You have a highly advanced robot called a legion to help you investigate cases and fight enemies. You will be exploring typical urban environments and unreal areas straight from your nightmares.

Beast Nemesis boss attacking astral chain Nintendo Switch

Most of the missions are filled with boss fights with incredibly strong and fearsome monsters. They can range from modest to downright epic. Eventually you’ll get more legions to help you defeat such beasts so you can save the world.

Jena Anderson Astral Chain Nintendo Switch

But overall, I was massively disappointed with Astral Chain on Nintendo Switch. Some people loved it but I found the story too predictable and depressing, the missions too tedious and boring, and controlling legions way more cumbersome than it should be. I did enjoy the boss fights but I called it quits about halfway through the game. I just wasn’t having fun anymore.

Score: C+

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