Brave (2012 Film) Review

Brave 2012 movie poster

When it comes to animated films, Pixar is king. However when Brave came out, I wanted to go see it but never got around to it.

Merida and her mother Brave Disney Pixar

Brave’s story is about Princess Merdia, who is now growing up. She never liked her role as princess very much, and she especially loathes the way her mother treats her. Ever since childhood, Merida has been more warrior-like taking after her father; however her mother wants her to be a proper lady like herself.

Merida shooting arrow Brave Disney Pixar

What sets chaos in motion is when her mother arranges for the sons of the lords to compete for Merida’s hand in marriage. The young maiden uses the wording of a royal rules to win the contest. The breakage of tradition infuriates her mother, and Merida flees from the castle in anger. In the forest she meets a witch who gives her a spell to “change” her mother. However Merida doesn’t expect the change to take a disastrous effect which she must now attempt to reverse.

Brave Disney Pixar

Brave may not have the greatest cast of characters, or the most intimidating antagonist, but I do think it’s a terrific tale. I thought the mother-daughter bond was very moving, and the ending was excellent. I can see why some people claimed to be disappointed by the movie, but despite its faults I do think it’s one of the best Pixar films to date.

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