Bolt (2008 Film) Review

Bolt 2008 Disney movie poster

I remember hearing about Bolt back in 2008, but I ignored it for a long time. For years I thought it was a Pixar film, but I was shocked to find out it wasn’t. It actually was made by another animation studio under Disney.

Bolt and Penny Bolt 2008 Disney movie

The film starts off with Bolt and his “person” Penny. Bolt and Penny star in a sci-fi action show where Bolt is a super-dog with amazing powers. In order to provide more believable acting, Bolt thinks everything around him is totally real. In one story Penny is separated from Bolt in a cliff-hanger, and Bolt is furious. He escapes from his Hollywood trailer, and in his search for Penny, he accidentally winds up in New York City.

Bolt 2008 Disney movie

In New York, Bolt notices his “powers” are gone, and Penny is nowhere to be found. He meets up with a cat named Mittens whom some pigeons told Bolt that she was a minion of his nemesis Dr. Calico. He demands Mittens to lead him to Penny which has the duo going across America in Bolt’s quest.

Cat and hamster Bolt 2008 Disney movie

I ended up loving Bolt, though I thought the story moved a little slow at first. I thought they did a great job showing Bolt coming to grips with reality. I also enjoyed Mittens trying to reason with Bolt, and laughed at Rhino the hamster’s hilarious personality. While Bolt may not be from Pixar, they could’ve fooled me.

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