Earth (2007 Film) Review

Earth 2007 movie Disney poster

I remember hearing about Disneynature’s Earth back in 2007. It had many recommendations, and I remember it being one of the first movies to really show what Blu-ray could do. I had never seen it, and just kinda forgot all about during the next five years or so. But I love nature, and seeing different kinds of animals so I was rather excited to give Earth a chance.

Polar bears Earth 2007 movie Disney

Earth is a documentary about (obviously) the planet we call home during the span of a year. It starts in the Arctic with a family of polar bears trying to do their best in a world that’s ever changing due to global warming. Then the story moves to a mother elephant and her baby trying to reach water in the dry countryside. And finally it shows the long journey of a mother whale and her calf trying to reach Antarctica’s waters from the tropics.

Penguins Earth 2007 movie Disney

Though the three families aren’t all the animals you’ll see. It also shows reindeer, wolves, lions, penguins, Mandarin ducks, and sharks to name a few. It also goes back to the arctic, Africa, and Antarctica to show the changes of the animals during the times of the year.

Duckling flying Earth 2007 movie Disney

Overall I really liked Earth, though I wished they had shown more animals. Though I thought they did an excellent job finding some of the most beautiful spots on Earth, and some of the scenes are so artistic when they speed time to show an ever changing Earth. It also makes some valid points as you learn very well the struggles of the polar bears and the African elephants as well. I think its biggest accomplishment is that it makes you realize that there’s much more to our planet than our dull urban lives.

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