Things I Like: A Bug’s Life

A Bug's Life Pixar Disney movie poster

I’ve watched most of the Pixar films, though there have been a few I’ve missed. A Bug’s Life was the 2nd move they produced, however I completely missed out on it until now.

A Bug's Life Pixar Disney

The story is about an ant colony who must produce enough food for the oppressive grasshoppers. Most of the time they can do so, and just enough food for themselves. However a young clumsy but good hearted ant named Flick accidentally knocked over their food offering.

Cricket A Bug's Life Pixar Disney

Which caused much displeasure for the leader of the gang, Hopper. He’s a very good villain, who is basically someone who sees himself upper-class and tricks the ants into becoming slaves for him.

A Bug's Life Pixar Disney movie

Overall I can’t believe I missed out on this movie for so long. It has a great story, a colorful cast of characters, and still looks good even by today’s standards. Granted I did watch a (probably remastered) DVD of it on a HDTV.

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