Video Game History : Namco x Capcom

Namco x Capcom PS2 boxart

Namco x Capcom was a Japanese-only game developed by Monolith Soft and published by Namco. It featured a major cross-over between many characters from the Namco and Capcom video games.

Namco x Capcom Sony PS2

It even featured very well drawn anime-style cut-scenes.

Cassandra Namco x Capcom

The game was a cross between action-rpg and tactical-rpg. You could play many different characters and interact with others.

Sakura Namco x Capcom

Though it sounds like a dream come true, Namco x Capcom didn’t receive a superb review scores in Japan. It was a moderate success financially. Besides a large translation-cost issue, I can’t believe Namco never brought this over to America or even Europe.

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