Things I Hate: P.N. 03

P.N. 03 Nintendo Gamecube boxart Capcom

This was one of Capcom’s biggest blunders for the Gamecube. Also one of their true exclusive Gamecube games.

P.N. 03 Nintendo Gamecube

The game was a little like Space Tomb Raider Meets Devil May Cry. The hero Vanessa Z. Schneider is cute and stylish, but her adventure falls short.

P.N. 03 Nintendo Gamecube Capcom

Granted I didn’t play it for very long, but what I played left me bored to death. It seems like they had a great idea, but lost the point of it half-way through. I might give this game another chance if another copy crosses paths with me again, however I don’t think it’ll be spinning in my Gamecube anytime soon.

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