Things I Hate: Max Payne (Original PC/PS2/Xbox Game)

Max Payne Xbox boxart

This was a pretty big deal back when it came out. I managed to find a cheap copy for my Xbox. Oddly enough I had bought the 2nd game, and the stupid Gamestop clerk put the wrong game in there. Since I didn’t play the original and it was only like 2 bucks, I didn’t see the point in complaining. I also bought the PC version at a yard sale years before my Xbox copy, and my computer only played the tutorial.

Main character Max Payne PS2 Xbox

By the time I got my hands on it, age has not been kind graphically. Max Payne’s ugly mug still haunts me to this day.

Bullet time Max Payne PS2 Xbox

The game’s biggest draw was the ability to slow down time to dodge bullets. It was pretty cool in a “whoa it’s like the Matrix” kinda way, but it’s gets old these days.

Nightmare scene Max Payne PS2 Xbox

There was also some bizarre nightmare scene where you had to walk on this magical tightrope of light through a invisible maze of madness. I don’t think I played too much after this part.

Max Payne PS2 Xbox Video game

It might have been a good game back in the day, but I think it hasn’t aged as well as a fine wine. It’s really nothing more than an generic 3rd person shooter with bullet-time.

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