Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking (TV Mini-Series) Review

Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking boxart

Most in the scientific community are well aware of Stephen Hawking, who may be one of the greatest minds to ever walk the Earth. I saw his TV special on Netflix Instant, and I had to give it a look. It’s comprised of 3 very good episodes about life, our solar system, and the universe as a whole.

Space exploration Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking

The first one is all about aliens. No not the alien cyborgs from sci-fi films but theories about life on other planets. Hawking gives a great idea on how huge the universe is with all of it’s stars and planets. So it’s more than possible than some form of life exists somewhere. One part shows a far away planet with a very primitive world of predators and prey who are constantly evolving. I was more fascinated by the theory that there may be life on Jupiter’s Moon Europa. The whole surface is frozen, but the core may be hot enough to support liquid water underneath. Making it perfect for a dark underwater ocean of creatures either today or some point in the future. Who knew aliens might be so close to home?

Speed of light Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking

The 2nd episode breaks into the concept of time-travel. Hawking does a great job at disproving instant time-travel similar to those that appear in TV shows and movies. However he does an even more remarkable job at showing how gravity and speed can affect time. We know that gravity can slow down time, and he shows that if you could travel at the speed of light for about a week, that when that time was over then 100 years of Earth time would’ve passed for everyone else.

Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking

The third and final episode is about the start and end of the universe. He does a great job explaining the formation of the Big Bang, and gives possible solutions of how humans may be able to escape Earth once it becomes unlivable. Overall Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking may be boring to some, but I found it to be a gripping explanation about life, Earth, and the cosmos.

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