Things I Hate: Turok Evolution

Turok evolution Nintendo Gamecube boxart

I never played the N64 games, though I hear they’re quite good. Or at least for their time. However for a game that had “Evolution” in the title, this game sure brought the series down to poop.

Turok evolution Nintendo Gamecube Xbox PS2

The graphics ranged from impressive to muddy. Mostly muddy. While the gameplay was crappy, I did respect the variety in weapons. I remember you could also fiddle and change some of the weapons into different modes of shot.

Flying mission Turok evolution

Hated these flying missions. Starfox it’s not.

Rocket launcher Turok Evolution

The game held a lot of promise, but the more you play the game is the more you get disappointed by how garbage it is. It’s got one weird final boss too.

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