Plants vs. Zombies (Xbox Live Arcade) Review

Plants vs. Zombies Xbox live arcade boxart

With countless platforms supporting it and its value price; I don’t think many can doubt Plants vs. Zombies’s success among the gaming community. I’ve heard countless raves and comments about the game over the past year or so, but I never had the chance to partake in the fun myself. Is Plants vs Zombies pure gold? Not quite, but it’s a very shiny silver.

Plants vs. Zombies Xbox live arcade original

The game belongs in the “Tower Defense” sub-genre of strategy games, but even though I never touch anything in the mainstream strategy genre, I have to say that I’ve enjoyed planning out my battles here. Unlike its cousin games that require serious planning and patience, PvZ is more simple and relaxing. You start growing plants with different powers (you’re limited by space and how much sunlight you’ve collected) to defend your home against the zombie menace. The battles start out slow, but once the final wave starts it can turn into a hectic war-zone with brutal losses for both the heroic plants and the zombie filth.

Plants vs. Zombies Xbox live arcade

The game also breaks into a few extra modes (even in the main campaign) where the game-play takes a break and you get to do something different such as zombie bowling and whack-a-mole zombie but with similar game-play to the main game. It’s one of those perfect titles where you can chill out for about 30 minutes each day and progress a few levels and then put it down. However if you play games in marathons and never play them again after you finished; then this might not be the game for you. There’s so much content to enjoy that it’s a bit over-whelming, though in contrast it can lose the attention of some players if the game doesn’t keep impressing you every couple of levels. But for an Xbox Live Arcade game, it’s hard to get much better.

Score: 8 out of 10

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