Things I Like: F-Zero GX (Nintendo Gamecube)

F-Zero GX Nintendo Gamecube boxart

I remembering renting this one shortly after it came out. It was actually my first F-Zero game ever except maybe playing the one on Gameboy Advance for five minutes at Toys R Us or something.

Captain Falcon driving blue Falcon F-Zero GX Nintendo Gamecube

The game was a beefed up version of the classic F-Zero game-play with new racers and tracks. Nintendo even made a version called F-Zero AX for the arcades that connected to the Gamecube version.

F-Zero AX Arcade machine

Honestly though as cool as it sounds, you know you didn’t play it in the arcades. Why? Because American arcades have been dead for quite some time. Anyone outside a major city might as well have given their hopes up.

F-Zero GX Nintendo Gamecube

Even though the game has its flaws, it is the fastest racing game I’ve laid my hands on. After your first race, you almost feel like you’ve gotten off a roller coaster. Don’t blink!

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