Things I Like: Kimmy Love (No More Heroes III)

Kimmy love no more heroes III Nintendo Switch

Kimmy Love is the true fourth boss of the game. At first, I think she’s some kind of pop star doing a concert.

Kimmy Love kills Vanishing Point No More Heroes III

One of Fu’s aliens tries to kill her and she takes him out before he realizes how strong she is.

Kimmy Love vs Travis Touchdown rap battle No More Heroes III

Then she confronts Travis Touchdown about the past. That’s when I remembered that she was a secret boss in the second game under her true name Kimmy Powell. Back when she was a college student.

Kimmy love boss fight No More Heroes III

Like Star Wars’ Darth Maul, she has a double bladed laser sword too. It’s been about a decade since I fought her but it’s about the same I think. Except she rigged her stage to shoot lasers and flames at you.

Kimmy Howell returns No More Heroes III

I will say she was surprisingly strong for what I was expecting. Definitely a fun boss fight.

Kimmy Howell dies No More Heroes III

I was wondering if Travis Touchdown would spare her life like the last time. He decided to put the crazy woman to rest instead.

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