Things I Like: Friends (TV Series)

Friends tv series

It’s been a long while since the show had ended, and it’s funny to see how much the show has changed since season 1.

Ross Gellar Friends tv series

Ross was alright, he was nerdy and goofy. He liked them dinosaurs. And weddings, but not divorces.

Rachel Green Friends tv series

Rachel was okay, I found her kinda annoying for being stuck-up until she matured.

Chandler Bing statute of liberty hat Friends tv series

I like Chandler since he was pretty goofy. Horrible childhood though.

Monica Gellar Friends tv series

Monica made some strange choices sometimes but I was glad she had a happy end.

Joey New York Knicks jersey Friends tv series

Joey was a good character. So dumb, so so dumb.

Phoebe Buffet Supergirl costume Halloween Friends tv series

Phoebe was also pretty good. I liked her backstory the most with her mother’s death drama and her terrible twin sister.

Final episode Friends tv series

It was pretty sad to see the show go, but it was pretty good from start to finish. Something most shows can’t say they’ve achieved.

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