Things I Like: The Righteous Gemstones (TV Series) Season 1

The Righteous Gemstones HBO poster season 1

My wife’s boss recommended this to her recently and her and I have been binging it all weekend long. I had only vaguely heard of it before. I’m kind of surprised I passed out on it for so long.

Eli Gemstone promises to steal flock of Johnny Seasons The Righteous Gemstones HBO

The show revolves around a family that’s running a powerful mega church in South Carolina. The dad Eli Gemstone isn’t such a bad guy but his greed to expand the church and make more money for himself is too great. While he does seem to be a genuine man of God, he doesn’t see any problem by trying to eliminate competition with local smaller churches and taking their flock.

Edi Patterson Adam DeVine Danny Mcbride The Righteous Gemstones HBO season 1

The children of the patriarch Eli Gemstone are truly the main characters of the program. Jesse is the oldest but the most corrupted by fame and money. The sister, Judy is at many times absolutely insane especially when she’s angry. And Kelvin is just his own brand of weird.

Scotty red van devil mask The Righteous Gemstones HBO season 1

The story starts to get very serious when Jesse gets strange phone calls and texts from a mysterious person. The mystery man sends a video of Jessie partying so hard that any wife in her right mind would divorce them for. Wearing the mask of the devil, he looks him in the eyes and demands a million dollars by the next Sunday.

Cassidy Freeman and Danny Mcbride The Righteous Gemstones HBO

Honestly I’ve been pretty impressed by the show. As a native and resident of South Carolina, I’m very well accustomed to mega churches that have grown too big and Christians who are far too hypocritical as they thump The Bible every Sunday but live much different lives. This dark comedy is definitely one of the better things to come out of HBO in recent memory.

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