Video Game History: Ridge Racer Inequality

Ridge Racer PS1

While Ridge Racer has never been a super huge hit, the series has maintained a decent following with bumps in the road here and there with the gaming community. It’s never been exclusive for any console, but Namco definitely partnered with Sony’s products most of the time.

Ridge Racer PS1 video game

But to be fair for all the PS1 love Ridge Racer gave, they did throw Nintendo a bone with Ridge Racer 64 which was a decent attempt at the time.

Ridge Racer Sony PSP

When Sony’s PSP was shown off, one of it’s biggest and hyped-up games was Ridge Racer. And it met with positive feedback when it was released. So what did DS fans get a few months before the PSP title?

Ridge Racer Nintendo DS

Well they got Ridge Racer DS which is basically Ridge Racer 64 with minor changes and a touch-screen virtual steering wheel… What a joke. Namco should be ashamed to have done that to gamers.

Ridge Racer Nintendo 3DS

At least Ridge Racer 3D for 3DS met with some pretty positive buzz.

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