Injustice (2021 Film) Review

Injustice 2021 movie dc comics poster

About a decade ago, I remember playing the original Injustice video game on my Xbox 360. I saw that DC Comics finally got around to making an animated movie based on the popular video game. The game had such a brilliant concept, so I knew I wanted to watch this animated movie pretty soon.

Superman kills the Joker Injustice 2021 movie dc comics

The movie starts out much like the plot of the game. The Joker decides to pick Superman as his target for evil instead of Batman. The Clown Prince of Crime gets the upper hand on the Man of Steel and manages to rob him of every joy he had in the world. Superman is so enraged that he breaks his vow not to kill and rips out the Joker’s heart.

Superman and Wonder Woman declare before United Nations Injustice 2021 movie dc comics

What Superman does next will cause a civil war between members of the Justice League. Instead of being an ally to the forces of good, the Man of Steel decides to be judge, jury, and executioner for all violent crimes all over the world. Superman manages to convince the vast majority of superheroes to join him, but many of these heroes did so out of fear.

Superman wiping out an army Injustice 2021 movie dc comics

And with that the whole world is shocked to see that Superman is not backing down from his word. Batman is desperate to try to get his former friend to see reason, but the Dark Knight should probably get himself some Kryptonite on his belt.

Damien Wayne sword fighting Ra's al Ghul Injustice 2021 movie dc comics

Honestly I was pretty disappointed by this Injustice movie. It seems that it really is only like 20% the story of game and the rest is an original plot. So once again, DC Comics falls short of a pretty good story idea while making a new animated movie.

Score: C+

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