Things I Like: Gilligan’s Island (TV Series)

Gilligan's Island TV Series first episode black and white

Even though it started roughly 20 years before I was born, I loved Gilligan’s Island. With the countless re-runs and great episodes it’s hard to believe it only had three seasons. With the first season in black and white.

Gilligan and Skipper Gilligan's Island TV Series

The best characters are easily Skipper and Gilligan. Mainly because Gilligan usually does extremely stupid things (many which prevent them from being rescued), and Skipper’s rage is hilarious.

Mr and Mrs Howell Gilligan's Island TV Series

Then we have the Howells, who despite being stuck on a deserted island have made sure they still are considered high-class and aristocratic. Mrs. Howell was easily the most useless character in the series.

The Professor Gilligan's Island TV Series

The Professor was easily the most vital member of castaways. With his high intelligence and vast knowledge, he was able to create and provide the island with needed tools and resources. He always knew what to do, and I always thought that was pretty cool.

Ginger in pink dress Gilligan's Island TV Series

Then we had the “movie star” Ginger Grant. Her actress Tina Louise failed to return to most of the reunions, as I sadly heard she had bitter feelings for the show. Which were supposedly the fact that she thought she’d be the main character, and that she blamed Gilligan’s Island for “ruining” her career.

Mary Ann Gilligan's Island TV Series Dawn Wells

Then we had Mary Ann, the simple girl from a farm in Kansas. While she wasn’t as “glamorous” as Ginger, her personality was so sweet that many men preferred her over the Hollywood redhead. But I have to admit the vast variety of characters is one of the reasons why it’s such a classic.

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