Things I Like: Derek (TV Series) Season 1

Derek Netflix poster Ricky Gervais

I had heard of Derek for quite some time now. I have seen a bit of Ricky Gervais’ work and comedy, but I didn’t give Derek any serious consideration until recently. Opinions seemed to be really good, but what did I think of it?

Ricky Gervais Derek Netflix season 1

Gervais plays Derek, a kind man who works at a nursing home who everyone thinks is autistic. Despite that, he does get along very well with the residents of the nursing home. He doesn’t seem to have much “on paper” importance, but many of the old folks considered him a dear friend.

Hannah Derek Netflix season 1

His boss Hannah has a platonic love for Derek, and often defends him against those who insult him. Derek also works with his best friend Dougie, who often says what’s exactly on his mind with his pessimistic attitude. Then there is Derek’s friend Kev, who doesn’t work there but spends most of his time hanging around and being a constant annoyance to Dougie and Hannah.

Derek Netflix Ricky Gervais season 1

I pretty much figured I would like Derek, and I found it to be quite a good drama-comedy. The first episode could have been better, but the rest of the show is often hilarious. Despite it being a Netflix Original Series, Derek in truth originated in Great Britain. So it actually has much fewer episodes than what we’re used to in America.

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