Things I Hate: Sega Bass Fishing (Xbox Live Arcade)

Sega Bass Fishing Xbox live arcade boxart

I remember hearing about the Dreamacast game a few years after it had came out. Mainly because some guy did an insane Soul Calibur challenge using the Fishing Controller made for Sega Bass Fishing. While the Xbox Live Arcade version lacks the nifty controller, it does feature the entirety of the Dreamcast version.

Sega Bass Fishing Sega Dreamcast

The game features two different modes, one is the arcade mode which is how the game appeared originally in the arcades of course. It’s a neat little mode, but it can be finished in a flash. The original mode is the main meal of the game, and it can be quite the fish fry.

Sega Bass Fishing Xbox live arcade

The original mode pits you in various tournaments, and at the end of each round you will be ranked. The goal is to catch as many fish (bigger the better) as possible, and I have to admit I enjoyed catching a few bass. That’s until the lures start to lose their luster and I often choose a worthless one that ruins my score.

Sega Bass Fishing Xbox live arcade video game

Honestly in a game all about scores and rankings, unbalanced difficulty can really ruin the experience. Making even one mistake leaves me hopeless, and often left me waiting for the time limit to expire to try the next round. It’s a decent game, but it definitely needed some fine-tuning in almost every way. The bait looked good at first, but I lost the hook somewhere along the line.

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