Things I Like: Betty White: A Celebration (TV Special)

Betty White: A Celebration Poster

We all joked that Betty White was as old as time, nobody expected she would have died just a few days short of her 100th birthday. This was supposed to be her birthday special which turned out to be a remembrance. My wife and I saw it on Hulu and we really enjoyed it.

Mary Tyler Moore show Betty White: A Celebration

Most people love Betty White but she’s been in a lot of programs that I’ve never seen before. Plus all the cameos you could easily miss.

Very young Betty White with slingshot Betty White: A Celebration

It was interesting to see the very early days of her career. She has been doing stuff for television shortly after the device was invented. I wished the special had more of this retro footage.

Betty white and big brown bear Betty White: A Celebration

A lot of her friends commented about her career and also her love for animals. Very heartwarming to see that.

Cher singing Golden Girls theme song Betty White: A Celebration

Cher wraps it up at the end with a good performance of the Golden Girls theme song. Makes me miss Betty White even more.

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