Things I Like: ALF (TV Series)

Entire cast of the ALF tv series

The series debuted shortly before I was even born, but I saw a few re-runs over the years. But my mom eventually got the whole series on DVD, and watched every one of them with joy.

Title character ALF tv series

The show was about ALF, an alien who escaped from his planet before it was destroyed. He crashes into the home of the Tanner’s, a normal middle-class family in California. When he fails to fix his spaceship, he eventually stays there for good.

Willie Tanner ALF tv series

Outside ALF, the best character was Willie. The ways ALF would torment Willie was incredibly funny.

Kate Tanner ALF tv series

The mom of the household, Kate was the voice of reason. Often telling ALF how stupid his plans were over and over.

Lynn Tanner ALF tv series

Their daughter Lynn was a decent character. Usually ALF’s biggest defender.

Brian Tanner ALF tv series

The youngest child Brian was ALF’s best friend. They had some great adventures.

Lucky the cat ALF tv series

Some of ALF’s best moments involved his pathetic attempts to capture the family cat Lucky without the Tanners knowing. Despite his alien cuisine choices, he eventually comes to love Lucky as a member of the family.

Alf and Willie Tanner ALF tv series

Even though it was made decades ago, it still has the same magic it held then. One of my favorite shows of all time.

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