Things I Like: Firefly (TV Series)

Firefly tv series boxart dvd set

I somewhat remember when Firefly was new on Fox, and I didn’t care to watch it. Neither did most of America as the series was cancelled before the final episode though they did make it and it was released later. It became a cult-classic show later with fans hoping with enough new fans that it could be brought back to television. The only show I could think of that did that was Family Guy and even it had to struggle for it. It has some rabid fans, and apparently for good reason. Most of those who had seen the show never speak ill of it.

Nathan Fillion Firefly tv series

The story takes place in the year 2517 long after Earth had been ruined. Humanity terraformed many different planets and moons to sustain life. The “core” planets called The Alliance (with a government and culture formed from a mixture of America and China) were the most advanced and decided to control all the outer-planets under their rule. An independent movement resisted but lost the war in the long-run. Malcolm Reynolds was such a soldier and now flies a Firefly ship named Serenity with his former comrade Zoe Washburne as his first mate. Her husband Hoban “Wash” Washburne is the ship’s pilot, a semi-trustful mercenary named Jayne Cobb is the extra muscle, a chipper girl named Kaylee is the mechanic, and a gorgeous woman named Inara Serra is a companion of sorts for the passengers of Serenity. They take passengers as a bit of a show, as the ship’s crew often take missions that would not be deemed “good” by The Alliance but not evil by moral standards.

Summer Glau Firefly tv series

They take new passengers on one day including a Shepard (like a priest) named Derrial Book who often clashes ideologically with the ship’s captain at first though there is mutual respect. The others are Dr. Simon Tam and his sister River Tam. Simon Tam is a brilliant genius but his sister River makes him look dumb or at least she did. The Alliance sent her to a special school which ended up being a research laboratory where they practically tortured her. Now she appears to be semi-insane but there is something quite special about her. But the ship’s crew, and even her doctor brother Simon are quite sure what. But Captain Malcolm Reynolds decides that are worth protecting and vow to keep them hidden from The Alliance as they want River and her “special powers” back.

Nathan Fillion Morena Baccarin Firefly tv series

The show is good, but I think fans were most upset that its potential was cut short. It’s not a terribly long season before everything is over.

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