Things I Like: Julie & Julia (2009 Film)

Julie & Julia 2009 movie poster Meryl Streep Amy Adams

I vaguely remember hearing about Julie and Julia back in 2009. Up until recently I didn’t have much idea what the movie was even about. Amy Adams is one of my favorite actresses, and since she had a starring role I had to see if it was any good. The movie is based on the lives of two actual people from different times but both with a love for cooking.

Amy Adams Julie & Julia 2009 movie

The story begins with a young lady named Julie Powell who is about to turn 30 and is very unhappy with the progress of her life and career. She decides to start a hobby, and begins to cook. However she simply doesn’t just cook but attempts to cook everything from a cookbook by cooking legend Julia Child.

Meryl Streep Julie & Julia 2009 movie

The story switches back and forth between the lives of Julie Powell, and Julia Child. With Child’s story taking place decades before at a time where she didn’t know how to cook. She takes classes as something to do, and helps two friends with a cook-book. Something that would later make her famous to the world of cooks.

Julie & Julia 2009 movie Amy Adams

Overall even though I don’t particularly care for cooking (you’ll never see me watching Emeril Lagasse) I enjoyed Julie and Julia a lot more than I expected. Meryl Streep got an Oscar nomination for her role as Julia Child and being able to compare the two now she really did an amazing job portraying her. While the plot moves a little slow, I really enjoyed the stories of Julie and Julia.

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