Things I Like: Night at the Museum (2006 Film)

Night at the Museum 2006 movie poster

I remember when Night at the Museum came out in 2006, but I never saw it. I find a little hard to believe it’s been about eight years since then. My mom really liked the movie from what I remember. I figured it was about time to see if it was any good.

Ben Stiller Night at the Museum 2006 movie

The story begins with Larry Daley who often disappoints his ex-wife and son when he can’t seem to get a stable home or career. He takes a more creative approach to life, but he decides to be “normal” and get something real. So he ends up being the night watchman for a museum.

Robin Williams Night at the Museum 2006 movie

Each night should be boring and routine, but there is a little secret about the place. An Egyptian tablet magically brings all the things in the museum to life. So on his first day, Larry meets a t-rex, Teddy Roosevelt, Attila the Hun, Sacagawea, Civil War soldiers, and many more. Larry needs to find a way to end the chaos that happens every-night.

Night at the Museum 2006 movie Ben Stiller

Overall Night at the Museum was a decent film, but I didn’t think it was that funny. I also thought that the story wasn’t really that great until the very end.

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