Things I Like: Parks and Recreation (TV Series) Season 1

 Parks and Recreation season 1 boxart

I never even heard of Parks and Recreation back when it came out in 2009. I had heard a little bit about it not too long ago, but it didn’t seem interesting to me. Though someone had told me that they thought it was very funny, as he and his wife were big fans of the show. I figured, why not?

Amy Poehler Parks and Recreation season 1

The story begins with Deputy Director Leslie Knope who oversees the parks in the city of Pawnee, Indiana. While many of her co-workers are either cynical or are extremely lazy, she’s very passionate. She’s more than excited to hold boring town meetings.

Rashida Jones Chris Pratt Parks and Recreation season 1

One day a woman named Ann Perkins confronts Leslie about a pit that the city owned that her boyfriend Andy fell in. In the accident, he broke both of his legs which makes her passionate about fixing the problem. Ann is shocked when Leslie says she’ll turn the pit into a new city park. Except Leslie must convince her bosses that it is a good idea, when it’s impractical at best.

Nick Offerman Amy Poehler Parks and Recreation season 1

I can actually see why Parks and Recreation gets some strong positive opinions. It has a great cast of characters which have great chemistry together. I was a bit shocked to learn that the first season (unlike the rest) only has six episodes. But I look forward to many more seasons of laughs.

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