Things I Like: Veronica Mars (TV Series) Season 1

Veronica Mars season 1 boxart

Veronica Mars was a show I started many years ago.

Kristen Bell Veronica Mars season 1

The story begins as Veronica Mars went from one of the cool kids in school to the one of the “losers”. Her father is a PI who does detective work for the civilian world. While she’s still in high-school, she helps her dad and is very good at her cases. She’s also very strong and confident in herself. When others in school try to make her feel awful, she brushes it off and ignores them for the most part. She even goes out of her way to befriend or help some of the other misfits there. But why is Veronica so “out” in the stupid world of Neptune High School?

Kristen Bell Amanda Seyfried Veronica Mars season 1

The main reason was the death of her friend Lilly Kane. Veronica had dated her brother, and broke up. Lilly was found murdered shortly afterwards, and her dad was the Sheriff at the time. Her father thought Lilly’s father was the main suspect, and when another man confessed to the crime he was voted out of office. The Kanes are the most powerful family in town, and Veronica stood by her father in his worst days and lost her “friends” in the process. But Veronica kept feeling like something was not right. She couldn’t believe that the man who confessed was the real guy. With the rest of the world and all logic against her, she’s determined to solve the case to bring honor and justice to the memory of her best-friend.

Leighton Meester Kristen Bell Veronica Mars season 1

I think what makes the show so interesting is that Kristen Bell does a really good job portraying her character who’s smart, sassy, and quite clever. And who doesn’t love a great mystery or two? I usually hate teen-dramas because they’re often dumb but I think it does a good job of not sugar-coating the darker side of high school. Veronica has bigger problems than prom-dates and outfit choices.

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  1. Theresa says:

    I really wanted to like this one because I love Kristen Bell, but I just couldn’t get into it.


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