Things I Like: Inside Out (2015 Film)

Inside Out 2015 movie poster

Disney’s Pixar movies have always been stuff that has gained my attention. I was a little doubtful about Inside Out when I first heard of it. Especially as in recent years (especially the Cars movies) Pixar hasn’t always been up to par. Luckily this one will restore your faith in Pixar.

Anger Envy Joy and Sadness Inside Out 2015 movie

The story is about the mind of a girl named Riley. Her brain is a giant world mainly controlled by major emotions who are independent beings. There’s the gloomy Sadness, the scared Fear, the snobby Disgust, the bitter Anger, and their de facto leader Joy. While all of the emotions have their differences, they do (at least try) look out for Riley’s best interest.

Joy and Sadness Inside Out 2015 movie Disney Pixar

Things go pretty smooth for most of Riley’s life until her family quickly moves from Minnesota to San Francisco. Once they get to the house, everything goes wrong in the real world. Inside her mind, Sadness and Joy accidental separate her core memories and get lost from their counterparts. Now they must get back and restore it before Riley’s life becomes miserable.

Riley eating Chinese food Inside Out 2015 movie Disney Pixar

I had heard critical opinion was really good, and I was actually expecting to a be a little disappointed as some movies aren’t as fantastic as you hear. But I was wrong, this one was absolutely brilliant. I would say it rivals Pixar’s greatest films including the original Toy Story.

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  1. Ananka says:

    Oh yes, I really enjoyed this one. Made me smile 😀


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