Things I Like: Black Sails (TV Series) Season 1

Black Sails Starz season 1 poster

Black Sails popped up on our Hulu and my wife and I needed something new to watch. She loves almost everything to do with pirates, so it wasn’t hard to convince her to watch it. Starz made this several years back, I think to compete with Game of Thrones. While it somewhat appears to be original, it truthfully serves as a prequel to Treasure Island.

Captain James Flint Black Sails Starz season 1

The show is set during the golden age of piracy. We mainly see the crew of Captain James Flint, who is not a universally loved captain. He is constantly battling mutinies, but he hears of a Spanish ship he could plunder that has millions of gold coins.

John Silver Black Sails Starz season 1

He has a new crew member, John Silver who lied his way into being the new cook. He takes a page of information about the Spanish ship which sets off a huge scandal of lies and pirate politics.

Eleanor Guthrie Black Sails Starz season 1

They spend most of their dry time in Nassau (The Bahamas) which is pretty much ruled de facto by pirates and their business partners. Surprisingly it’s all mostly run by a young woman named Eleanor Guthrie.

Charles Vane Black Sails Starz season 1

But there are many pirates and crews to worry about, like Charles Vane. He had previously been a romantic item with Miss Guthrie. But the idea of a massive fortune will cause a lot of bad choices and plenty of deaths.

Billy Bones Black Sails Starz season 1

Honestly Black Sails is a pretty good show. Not Game of Thrones good, but very entertaining nevertheless. My wife and I have already started season two.

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