Things I Like: Black Sails (TV Series) Season 2

Black Sails season 2 Starz poster

I’ve been watching Black Sails for the last month or two on Hulu, when I get the chance. I’m pretty certain Starz tried to make it as their Game of Thrones about a decade ago. It’s not quite as good as that but it’s still a very interesting series.

Captain James Flint Black Sails season 2 Starz

The show takes place immediately after the events of season 1. Captain James Flint is still one of the most respected and hated pirates by both other pirates and the citizens in England and Nassau.

Spanish gold shipwreck Black Sails season 2 Starz

The quest for the insane amount of Spanish gold is still up in the air. Even if they find it, there are a lot of Spanish soldiers protecting it with their lives, and it won’t be an easy matter.

Ned Low Black Sails season 2 Starz

Back home on the island of Nassau, new faces show up on the island. Including a pirate captain who would make even Charles Vane look like a complete and totally respectable gentleman.

Charles Vane Black Sails season 2 Starz

As for Charles Vane, he’s definitely down on his luck, but let’s just say he’s a gambling man with nothing to lose.

Abigail Ashe captured Black Sails season 2 Starz

The biggest prize of all may rest on the fate of a young girl who was captured on one of the ships. Her father is the governor of the Carolina colony and both Charles Vane and Captain Flint want her for totally two different reasons.

John Silver Black Sails season 2 Starz

And you can always count on John Silver to be in the background pulling the strings while trying to advance his position and also save his own behind on a constant basis.

Black Sails season 2 Starz

I really enjoyed the second season of Black Sails even though it took me a while to finish it. Part of the reason is it’s not exactly a show as you can watch with a six-year-old in the living room. I will say the finale of the whole thing was more impressive than the first, and I definitely look forward to starting the third season.

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