Things I Like: Penny (Big Bang Theory)

Penny Big Bang Theory Kaley Cuoco

For as stereotypical of a character as Penny was supposed to be, she definitely was very likable.

Penny playing Halo on Microsoft Xbox 360 Big Bang Theory Kaley Cuoco

Before I ever seriously watched the show, I do know why Kaley Cuoco was casted as Penny. Her character was supposed to be the hot blonde girl that all the nerdy guys fawned over and that was mostly true unless you count Sheldon.

Penny waitress Cheesecake Factory Big Bang Theory Kaley Cuoco

But what made her character more real is the fact that she was a working class girl trying to pay her way, though she was often out of money. Always found it funny that when she worked at the Cheesecake Factory, that it looked nothing like the Cheesecake Factory in real life.

Penny pixie cut Big Bang Theory Kaley Cuoco

While you do root for Penny and Leonard to eventually get together and marry (which happens) their marriage is actually pretty terrible. Leonard is for the most part a whiny cheater and she’s actually a pretty decent wife. I was actually rooting for her to leave his butt.

Penny and Sheldon in the laundry room Big Bang Theory Kaley Cuoco

I think my favorite thing about Penny was her being a second mom to Sheldon despite being younger than him. It just worked.

Penny using apartment elevator Big Bang Theory Kaley Cuoco

I can’t remember if she stays in that position at the end of the series or not but she does have a professional job working for some pharmaceutical company. And she’s moderately successful at it too. I definitely respected her for that.

Penny using laptop Big Bang Theory Kaley Cuoco

While she isn’t my type, I do have a different kind of fondness for Penny than most male viewers of Big Bang Theory. At the end of the series they confirm that she’s pregnant with Leonard’s child. I would actually like to see a reunion special where they show this new kid.

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  1. Theresa says:

    I haven’t seen the full series, but I do recall liking her character too. She was charming.


  2. I’m sure there will be a reunion special in 10 or 20 years from now.


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