(Not So) Fun Fact: Herschel Walker Not Living in Georgia Despite Running For Its Senate Seat

Fun facts about Herschel walker Republican

Failed GOP candidate Herschel Walker lost a chance to represent the state of Georgia in the United States Senate. One of the many many things that plagued his campaign was that he actually lived in Texas. He was born in Georgia.


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  1. Emmylou says:

    Still so surprised he got that many votes….:(


  2. ratmom says:

    He shouldn’t have even been able to run if he wasn’t living in the state.

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    1. He claimed a house he was renting out as his residency


  3. Musings says:

    Republicans really know how to pick their candidates… tsk.


  4. Theresa says:

    Sadly, I know some people who voted for him.


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