Things I Like: Dorothy Zbornak (The Golden Girls)

Dorothy Zbornak The Golden Girls Bea Arthur

If the Golden Girls had a main character, Dorothy Zbornak would definitely be it. Ironically, I would consider her my least favorite of the main cast.

Dorothy Zbornak talking with Blanche The Golden Girls Bea Arthur

Bea Arthur was well casted to play her. She’s sometimes is too rude and vicious for her own good, but at the end of the day, she is a good friend.

Dorothy Zbornak flirting with handsome actor The Golden Girls Bea Arthur

It was hard take her romantic life seriously on the show. I would honestly call her old and ugly, and while that does sound like mean, it’s not exactly untruthful. It was silly to think that she could compete with Blanche for a potential boyfriend.

Dorothy Zbornak talking to Stanley and Sophia The Golden Girls Bea Arthur

I always enjoyed her antics with her mother Sophia. And I’m honestly shocked that she never sent her ex-husband Stanley out of the house for good when he came for a visit.

2nd wedding of Dorothy Zbornak and Stanley The Golden Girls Bea Arthur

And even more bizarre, is that she tried to take him back and marry him again after everything that he had done to her. Granted he finally got rich and super wealthy, but what broke up the engagement was him asking for a prenup. Which was a little silly considering that her heirs were his own biological children.

Dorothy Zbornak gets married The Golden Girls Bea Arthur Leslie Nielsen

She rapidly gets engaged at the very end of the series to a relative of Blanche. I didn’t really buy the sincerity of the plot because it was kind of forced, but Bea Arthur didn’t want to return for the sequel series The Golden Palace, so this was her path for an exit that made sense.


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  1. Theresa says:

    I loved her on the show. The most down to earth one of the bunch. It’s amazing how the show can still be watched and enjoyed today, even with how dated it is.


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