Things I Like: Blanche Devereaux (The Golden Girls)

Blanche Devereaux The Golden Girls Rue McClanahan

Blanche Devereaux is most definitely a pretty great character. Betty White actually auditioned for the role and lost it and I couldn’t imagine Blanche being played by anybody else but Rue McClanahan.

Blanche Devereaux wearing shiny pink blouse The Golden Girls Rue McClanahan

Sometimes it was easy to forget that she was actually the one who owned the house they all lived in. Except for maybe Rose, she was definitely the best friend of the group in terms of treating each other with respect.

Blanche Devereaux on dinner date with old guy The Golden Girls Rue McClanahan

The big thing about her character was her appetite for men. Her potential suitors change a lot over time. In one of the first episodes, she’s having an affair with a fairly handsome young man. In the later seasons, she often dates a lot of old and ugly guys.

Blanche Devereaux with the handsome actor The Golden Girls Rue McClanahan

Despite probably 500 relationships and counting, she doesn’t really have a long lasting relationship that I can think of throughout the whole series. She’s definitely single by the end of it.


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