Things I Like: Stanley Zbornak (The Golden Girls)

Stanley Zbornak The Golden Girls Herb Edelman

Stanley Zbornak was definitely NOT a man of a morals and integrity, but he does kind of grow on you. Mainly as a goofy character that provided pretty decent episodes.

Stanley Zbornak talking with Dorothy The Golden Girls Herb Edelman

He was Dorothy’s ex-husband who had left her for a much younger woman very abruptly. I’m honestly surprised why she didn’t beat him to death with a stick.

Stanley Zbornak talking with Blanche and Rose in the kitchen The Golden Girls Herb Edelman

Or why he was even tolerated in the household. He popped in and out of there like a dog with a doggie door.

Stanley Zbornak 2nd wedding to Dorothy The Golden Girls Herb Edelman

And he almost marries Dorothy again after becoming rich. Dorothy’s reasoning may have been a little shallow, but I never wanted to see this happen. I can accept the fact that they could be friends but for him to be her husband again after all he had done is rather bizarre and unforgivable. I’m surprised he actually tried to ask for a prenup which ruined the wedding and the potential new marriage.

Stanley Zbornak as Dorothy's limousine driver during new wedding The Golden Girls Herb Edelman

Funny enough he shows up at the very end as a surprise driver for Dorothy’s limousine at her second wedding. But instead of asking her to break up with her new fiance, he gives her his blessing.


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  1. Yeah, he was a scumbag.


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