Things I Like: Rachel Green (Friends)

Rachel Green Friends sitcom Jennifer Aniston

Since she’s one of the most important female characters on Friends, it’s hard to hate on Rachel Green. I will say that I definitely was not among the men who thought she was super hot. Jennifer Aniston is by no means an unattractive woman, but it’s amazing how much men and women were raving over her back during her Friends tenure.

Rachel Green runaway bride in wedding dress at Central Perk Friends sitcom Jennifer Aniston

She definitely was the character that had the most character development during the show. We almost forget that she was a spoiled daddy’s girl with an unlimited credit card. Until she decides to run away from her wedding and go independent.

Rachel Green and Ross talking at Central Perk Friends sitcom Jennifer Aniston

The sitcom takes almost no time to force the romance between Rachel and Ross. The “nice guy” Ross had loved her since she was in high school.

Rachel Green sabotages Ross and Julie Friends sitcom Jennifer Aniston

And she’s stupidly waits until Ross is in a committed and serious relationship to return her affection.

Rachel Green red cheerleader uniform Friends sitcom Jennifer Aniston

She has often on-again off-again relationships with Ross along with other characters in the series. When it comes to guys that don’t like her back, ironically she does crazy stuff like Ross does.

Rachel Green singing Baby Got Back to Emma Friends sitcom Jennifer Aniston

She definitely settles down a lot when it comes to being a mother. Even though we don’t see Emma all the time, it does seem like she puts her motherhood first, rather than trying to go date and have fun.

Rachel Green kissing Joey Tribianni in front of Ross Friends sitcom Jennifer Aniston

When I was a teenager and watched Friends for the first time, I didn’t really get the whole Rachel dating Joey for that brief period. But on a second watch just recently, she really should have ended up with Joey.

Rachel Green returns to Ross finale Friends sitcom Jennifer Aniston

But nope she settles for crazy toxic Ross, who at least is the father of Emma. Can’t blame her for trying to keep a family together, I guess.


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  1. Theresa says:

    I do think she’s a beautiful woman. She has hair to envy! But I agree. I wish she would have ended up with Joey.


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