Things I Like: Joey Tribbiani (Friends)

Joey Tribbiani Friends sitcom Matt LeBlanc

Joey Tribbiani was definitely my favorite among the men of friends. He’s a lovable goofball and for good reason.

Joey Tribbiani and his Italian sisters Friends sitcom Matt LeBlanc

I will say that it’s definitely good that they kept his Italian-American heritage as one the key parts of his character.

Joey Tribbiani flirting at the bachelor party Friends sitcom Matt LeBlanc

Probably the only thing stronger than his friendship with Chandler Bing was his affection for the ladies. During the first half of the show, he was definitely giving Hugh Hefner a run for his money.

Joey Tribbiani turkey stuck on his head Thanksgiving Friends sitcom Matt LeBlanc

But boy was Joey Tribbiani stupid.

Joey Tribbiani 100,000 dollar pyramid Friends sitcom Matt LeBlanc

And everybody got to see that on national television when he became a celebrity guest on a game show.

Joey Tribbiani eating food Rachel made Friends sitcom Matt LeBlanc

Joey Tribbiani is definitely the opposite of me when it comes to stomachs and taste buds. The man is capable of eating anything and everything, even stuff people would want to barf into the trash can.

Joey Tribbiani falls in love with Rachel Friends sitcom Matt LeBlanc

The idea of him and Rachel being a couple did seem a bit odd, but I was actually more sympathetic to him during a recent rewatch. My only question about it, was if Joey could stay truly loyal to Rachel or would his old habits be revived?

Joey Tribbiani admits his feelings for Rachel Friends sitcom Matt LeBlanc

Their relationship doesn’t last forever as all the other factors were too much for both of them. I kind of wonder if it was just because they had already known that they were going to do a Joey spinoff and it would have been difficult to do that with him tied down to Rachel.


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