Things I Like: Chandler Bing (Friends)

Chandler Bing Friends sitcom Matthew Perry

Chandler Bing was kind of a douchebag but he was a good guy at heart and one of the wittiest of the group.

Chandler Bing and Joey's sister Friends sitcom Matthew Perry

But he was definitely not the smartest, as despite his friendship with Joey, he does some questionable stuff with one of Joey’s girlfriends and one of Joey’s sisters.

Chandler Bing having dinner with Janice Friends sitcom Matthew Perry

The biggest early romance for him was his on-again off-again girlfriend Janice. I know her laugh was annoying but it was kind of hard to believe how much Chandler hated her. But the one time they got back together that he was very serious about winning her heart, she leaves him for another man.

Chandler Bing wearing suit and tie at the office Friends sitcom Matthew Perry

The question in Friends for many fans was What Was Chandler Bing’s Job? It wasn’t a “transponster”, but I’m guessing some kind of data entry or something. His job sounds as boring as it looked for him.

Chandler Bing hooking up with Monica Geller Friends sitcom Matthew Perry

The writers of Friends took a big risk by connecting him with Monica Geller as a boyfriend-girlfriend dynamic but it surprisingly worked and well too.

Chandler Bing wedding Friends sitcom Matthew Perry

So much so that it definitely seemed almost natural that the two of them got married.

Chandler Bing holding his baby Friends sitcom Matthew Perry

And shockingly enough, he becomes a proud father at the end of the series by adopting newborn twins.


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