Little K’s and Little CR’s Birthday Party At Chuck E Cheese (Spartanburg SC)

Since they share a similar birthday, they always have their parties at the same time. The girls had a blast. Until Little CR got terrified of the famous rat himself. It was definitely great to see Princess L enjoying time with her new cousins.

Alexander’s First Day of Daycare

Alexander started daycare Monday. He’s a “tadpole.” Mama was heartbroken about leaving him there. I was a little upset too. But I was happy to see him look delighted on the Daycare app. He did seem mad when I came to pick him up. He probably didn’t like that the other babies were getting HISContinue reading “Alexander’s First Day of Daycare”

Alexander’s First Day of Daycare is Today

Alexander will start something in less than an hour that his daddy never had to experience, daycare. Mommy isn’t exactly happy to leave him though she loved the daycare when Princess L went to 4K. He’s next to and across from two other boys only slightly older. I have a feeling these boys are goingContinue reading “Alexander’s First Day of Daycare is Today”