Batman and Harley Quinn (2017 Film) Review

The animated films in the DC Universe Animated Original Movies are numerous and hard to keep up with. Most of them don’t sequel each other (besides a few) so you don’t have to watch them all to enjoy a newer one. Batman and Harley Quinn was obviously made to leech off the success of MargotContinue reading “Batman and Harley Quinn (2017 Film) Review”

Superman: Unbound (2013 Film) Review

Like I had mentioned many times before, DC has done an amazing job in the past couple of years with their original animated films. I’ve seen most of them, but Superman: Unbound is fairly recent. Unlike other Superman stories featuring Lex Luthor or General Zod, this one has the rather lesser-known villain Brainiac. While notContinue reading “Superman: Unbound (2013 Film) Review”

Superman: Doomsday (2007 Film) Review

While DC has done a fine job with the original animated movies, I missed out on the first one Superman: Doomsday until now. Like most of the better original films, it’s directly based on a the story The Death of Superman and the stories that followed it back in the 1990s. The film starts offContinue reading “Superman: Doomsday (2007 Film) Review”

Video Game History: Superman: Countdown To Apokolips (GBA)

If Clark Kent’s news reporting skills were on par with his video games, then he’d probably be a janitor at the Daily Planet. Arguably the “best” Superman game was Superman: Shadow of Apokolips on PS2 and Gamecube which earned decent praise with some mixed reaction. Atari made a prequel game Superman: Countdown to Apokolips aContinue reading “Video Game History: Superman: Countdown To Apokolips (GBA)”

Video Game History: Superman: The Man of Steel (Xbox)

After the miserable failure that was Superman 64, there were 2 brand-new Superman games just three years later in 2002. Atari had created Superman: Shadow of Apokolips for PS2 and Gamecube which was based on Superman: The Animated Series. However they also made Superman: The Man of Steel around the same time for Xbox whichContinue reading “Video Game History: Superman: The Man of Steel (Xbox)”